Moonrise Time Today In Uttar Pradesh

Moonrise Time Today In Uttar Pradesh:- Are You Curious About The Moonrise Time In Uttar Pradesh, Or When The Moon Will Set? If So, You’ve Come To The Right Place. Today, We’re Going To Give You All The Information About The Moonrise Time In Uttar Pradesh And When It Will Set. So Make Sure You Read This Article Till The End To Get All The Details.

We All Know That The Moon Holds A Special Place In Human Life. In India, Women Break Their Fast On The Festival Of Karwa Chauth After Seeing The Moon. Additionally, In Earlier Times, People Used To Tell The Time By Looking At The Moon. That’s Why, In Today’s Article, We Have Gathered Complete Information For You About When The Moon Will Rise And Set.

What Is Moonrise?

Moonrise Is That Special Moment When The Moon First Becomes Visible From Earth’s Perspective As It Ascends Into The Sky. This Event Is Commonly Known As Moonrise, And It Usually Occurs After Sunset, Although It Also Depends On The Moon’s Phase. The Timing Of Moonrise And Moonset Varies From Day To Day And Is Different Depending On Your Location.

The Time For Moonrise Varies Across Different Cities, States, And Countries. Likewise, The Time For Moonset Also Changes Depending On The Region You’re In. While The Variation In Moonrise Timing May Not Be Too Different Within A Single Country, It Can Be Significantly Different Between Various Countries.

The Timing Of Moonrise Holds Significant Importance In Astrology, Agriculture, And Religious Ceremonies. Different Cultures And Religions Place Special Emphasis On The Occurrence Of Moonrise. For Example, The Beginning And End Of Ramadan In Islam Are Determined By It, And In Hinduism, It Plays A Key Role In Festivals Like Karva Chauth And Diwali.

Moonrise Time Today In Uttar Pradesh

The Time For Moonrise In Uttar Pradesh Is Shown In The Table Below. The Timing For Moonrise And Moonset Varies Every Day In Uttar Pradesh.

Moonrise Time Today In Uttar Pradesh12:22 PM
Moonset Time Today In Uttar Pradesh10:49 PM

When Does The Moon Rise?

The Timing Of The Moonrise Varies Each Month And Also Depends On Your Location.

  • New Moon: On This Day, A Part Of The Moon Aligns With The Earth, Making It Invisible To Us. The Moonrise Happens Shortly After Sunrise, But The Moon Is So Faint That It’s Hard To See.
  • First Quarter: As The Moon Enters Its Waxing Phase, It Rises Sometime In The Afternoon.
  • Full Moon: During The Full Moon, The Moonrise Occurs Around Sunset, And The Moon Remains Visible Throughout The Night.
  • Last Quarter: In This Phase, The Moon Rises Around Midnight.

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